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How We Can Help

Here is a list of the different appraisals and evaluations we offer:

  • Insurance Appraisals

    • Replacement Value Appraisal​

  • Gem Evaluations/identifications

  • Diamond Grading Reports

  • Mediate The Sale Of Estate Items

  • Fair Market Value Appraisals

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How We Can Help


Here is a list of the different appraisals and evaluations we offer:​

  • Authenticity of Purchase

  • Purchase Consulting

  • Estate Sale Sourcing

  • Mediate The Sale Of Estate Items

  • Litigation Support

    • Depositions, Expert Analysis​

  • Comparison of Value

  • Bankruptcy

  • Liquidation Appraisal

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We Work With Both!

Shane Group Appraisals is a reputable jewelry appraisal company that operates in Miami. They offer professional jewelry appraisal services to individuals seeking accurate assessments of their jewelry's value. While I cannot make a definitive statement about them offering the "best" jewelry appraisals, they are known for their expertise and experience in the field.

Additionally, Shane Group Appraisals has partnerships with Brite Co and Jewelers Mutual. Brite Co is a jewelry insurance company that specializes in providing coverage for jewelry and watches. Jewelers Mutual is another well-known insurance provider that offers coverage specifically tailored to the jewelry industry.

By working with these insurance companies, Shane Group Appraisals may be able to provide their clients with seamless insurance solutions and assist them in obtaining appropriate coverage for their valuable jewelry.

It is always recommended to research and compare different appraisal services and insurance providers to find the one that best suits your specific needs and preferences.

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Areas We Service

  • Miami Gardens, FL, USA

  • North Bay Village, FL, USA

  • Brownsville, FL 33142, USA

  • North Miami Beach, FL, USA

  • Coral Terrace, FL, USA

  • Coral Gables, FL, USA

  • Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160, USA

  • El Portal, FL, USA

  • West Miami, FL, USA

  • Homestead, FL, USA

  • Bal Harbour, FL 33154, USA

  • Little Gables, FL, USA

  • Miami Beach, FL, USA

  • Miami Shores, FL, USA

  • Pinewood, FL, USA

  • High Pines, FL 33143, USA

  • North Miami, FL, USA

  • Aventura, FL, USA

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