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Blinding Diamonds


Understanding Your Diamond Jewelry

The history of diamonds in jewelry dates back to 1074 AD, when the first example was a Hungarian Queen's Crown encrusted with diamonds.
Since then diamonds have been a staple in humans lives, as signs of luxury, love, and celebration. De Beers marketing campaign "A Diamond Is Forever," considered by some to be the greatest marketing campaign ever, extolled diamonds as the gemstone of love. 
The decades have come and gone but diamonds have never lost their status as the premier jewelry stone. Understanding diamonds has been broken down into the 4 Categories: Carat, Color, Clarity, and Cut. These are the establisher starting point in establishing value and an appreciation of a diamond. However, every diamond is as unique as is the taste of its owner.
Whether you are in the market to sell, purchase, or simply acquire a better understanding of your diamond jewelry value, Shane Group Appraisal can help you ascertain this ever changing market.

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