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Knowing Your Watch

Initially a instrument used for navigating the uncharted new world and oceans, watches have been an important item since the 15th century. Through the centuries, watches have become more luxurious and advanced. Their shape and wearability has continued to change into the 20th century as well as their design and functionality. Pocket watches, considered to be the first luxury use of time keeping, became popular in the 1700s, as the style of wearing  time keepers as pendants had become outdated.
Pocket watches were the premier means of keeping time until the early 20th century when wristwatches were hailed as the new choice possession. Since then, Watches have become a symbol of luxury, status, and personal style of the wearer.
Some of the most popular and most well known brands  world over are watch companies,
Patek Phillip
Audemars Piguet
These watch brands have specific identification with very slight differences in their designs or look and have a massive impact on their value. Dials, bezels, cases, movements, year, collection, color... all of these factors and more need to be understood to truly know the value of each watch.

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