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What is the difference between lab-grown diamond and natural diamond? Part 2

What is the difference between lab-grown diamond and natural diamond? Part 2

Lab-grown diamonds are the new craze in the gemstone market. Marketed as the better alternative to natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are attracting the eco, financially, and socially conscious millennials. While a lab-grown diamond does possess some of these traits, they are oversold as the new diamond replacement.

Natural diamonds are mined from the earth, while man-made diamonds are grown in a manufacturing plant. They both tend to have a negative impact on the earth and currently, it takes more water, power, and space to unearth a natural diamond. However, lab-grown diamonds are being created in countries like China and India where environmental practices are not a priority for them.

In addition, natural diamonds help to provide jobs and economic growth for underdeveloped and developed countries. While "blood" diamonds have cast a dark cloud over the diamond industry, the vast majority of countries that mine diamonds around the world participate in the Kimberly Process. The Kimberly process helps to ensure that the diamond you are wearing on your finger is a conflict-free diamond by documenting the entire diamond process, from the ground to the jewelry store.

Natural diamonds also provide a great source of revenue for developing nations. Botswana is a great example of a country that took great its natural resources in diamonds and used them to recreate its economy. Natural diamonds countries come largely from underdeveloped nations that rely on them to provide revenue to their economy. Lab-grown diamonds are developed by countries such as China, Russia, and India. They are mass-producing these diamonds and are owned by private companies.

In the end, you as the customer need to love the diamond you pick. Whether that is lab-grown or natural, I believe that you should be properly informed and understand all that goes into this big purchase.

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